The Ugly Truth of Racism in America: What the Zimmerman Trial is Again Revealing – link fixed

by Steve Ray on July 5, 2013

This article by Fred Reed entitled “Riots” is a sad but all to accurate read. 

Watching the Zimmerman trial, I wonder whether we may not be in for big trouble. Racial hostility is much higher in the United States than it is allowed to appear. In the Twittersphere there is much traffic from blacks, saying that if Zimmerman walks, they will kill him themselves, riot, or kill random whites. On many sites around the web, whites of a sort not found on NPR are saying, “Bring it on.” This is not your granny’s recipe for domestic tranquility.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Race underlies almost everything in this country that spends half its time denouncing racism. This is true of trials, and particularly true of show trials. When the police who beat Rodney King, were acquitted by a white jury, the cops being clearly guilty, blacks burned Los Angeles. When OJ Simpson, clearly guilty, was acquitted by a black jury, whites didn’t burn anything, but were angry and perfectly aware that the verdict was political.

The prosecution’s case against Zimmerman is so weak that unless the fix is in, he will walk. Katie, bar the door.

How did we get here? It’s a long story.

An important part of the world view of blacks is the belief that whites enslaved them. This makes sense if you believe a race is a coherent being with a life stretching over the centuries, as a man’s life stretches over decades. (Compare The Jews Killed Christ. “Gosh, Rachel. You don’t look old enough. You sure you did it?”)

It makes no sense to whites who reflect that no white in America has ever owned a slave, and no black has ever been one. Blacks know this, but it is hard to focus anger on things done by dead whites long before you were born…

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Jacky July 7, 2013 at 6:36 PM

Apparently the article has gone missing. I clicked on the link and it looks like it has been removed. That being said I can at least comment on what I see here. I am black and I can tell you the blacks can be some of the most racist paranoid people out there. Always ready to pick a racial fight, always ready to see racism in every tiny little thing. And there is so much anger and hatred. My uncle said himself, “I could never forgive them for what they did to us.” Excuse me. I’m sorry. They who? Us who? Did what? When? No one did anything to him. No one did anything to me. I’m not going to get angry because nearly 200 years ago people that looked like me were enslaved. And no dear uncle, it’s not the white man keeping you down, its the fact that you have a criminal record–that’s why no one will hire you. You fell into the thinking that you’re black and everyone hates you so you stopped trying, you got into crime, got caught, shot and now live off of welfare and disability. Sorry, truth hurts sometimes. I had another uncle tell me that because I’m black I shouldn’t even try. I’ll only be able to get a job in airport security. Hmm, that’s funny. If that’s the case why did I recently get my bachelors and am currently working on my masters in a field dominated by white men? Something smells fishy. This is no lie. No one in my family has the right to be angry about these things because they haven’t experienced it–trust me. They just buy into the prevailing naysaying of the black community–and believe me, it is often nothing but a bunch of people who do nothing but tear each other down–they pass it on to their children and their children pass it on to their children. It’s like no one is allowed to succeed because then they are accused of trying to act white, and when they don’t succeed because of their lack of effort they blame it on the white man. I have cousins my age who are successful and happy–no they aren’t happy actually because they are too busy fretting over the white man keeping them down, while they gladly accept yet another promotion or acceptance into a prestigious university. The only people in my family who were understandably angry were my grandparents because they lived in the south during segregation. They suffered a lot of abuse and they could not let the anger go. And you know what that anger did to them? It made them bitter and paranoid and miserable all the time. They never could let it go. They took their anger with them to the grave only after spreading it to their children and their children’s children. I managed to escape it because my parents just happened to be far more open minded than their families. Actually I have found that white people are far more accepting of me than black people ever were–I don’t talk or act ‘black’ enough for most black people I’ve met, including family members. It’s so sad that we as ‘a people’ so to speak have fallen like this. We used to dig in our heels and claw our way through adversity, now it seems that many of us just lay down and die all the while playing the blame game. My ancestors did not work themselves to the bone for this.
I’m not surprised that there is rising heat amongst the races. It makes perfect sense. Can we really expect a country that is falling apart to be be peaceful in some areas but not in others? So far we’ve got mothers against their unborn children. Homosexuals against true marriage and the subsequent homosexuality against Christianity. The State against the Catholic Church. Obama against all that is good and natural in the world–scratch that–universe. Citizens against illegal immigrants. Blacks against whites? Why not? After all, there are many blacks who have been looking for a knock-down drag-out fight since the end of the civil rights movement (and yes, it has ended, things have changed for the better, if you don’t like it then please forfeit your seat at the front of the bus, meanwhile Imma go get me my PhD from my predominantly white college in a predominately white field that is predominantly male here in the middle of the south, thank you very much.)
Now watch. If someone black reads this I’ll be accused of being a trader, an Uncle Tom, ‘trying to act white’ and so on. It’s hard being an individual with dark skin–the Black Borg is forever trying to assimilate you into the Collective.
God bless.

Jacky July 7, 2013 at 7:21 PM

Or they’ll call me an idiot for spelling traitor wrong…

Maria August 9, 2014 at 10:52 AM

” He who knows not and knows not that he knows not … “

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