Want To Be A Rebel? I Do! My Kids and Grandkids Do Too!

by Steve Ray on July 17, 2013

“In the age of relativism, orthodoxy is the only possible rebellion left” (Peter Kreeft). 

 Count me in!!!  I’ve always been a rebel at heart!

 My theory of child-rearing, which I have successfully done now with four great adult kids and eleven grandkids, it that we need to RAISE REBELS.

 Want to be counter-cultural? Be an orthodox Catholic!

And may I take this opportunity to thanks President Obama – who has without intending to, awakened a whole army of sleeping Catholics to arise in defense of the truth of the Catholic Church.

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Mark S. July 17, 2013 at 8:36 PM

Mr. Ray,
Have you ever considered gathering with other excellent Catholic-liked minds and compiling a book on how to raise kids in this post-modern society? I tell you, I’d be the first to buy it!
-God Bless you and your family

Mark. S.

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