Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tomorrow I am up early to do my run-walk covering all of Lourdes and documenting it for you with EveryTrail with interactive map, commentary, pictures and video. You will join a virtual early morning tour of the Lourdes visited by 5 million pilgrims a year.

Then I will on Teresa Tomeo’s show at 9:20 AM Eastern to discuss Lourdes, Mary and the place of women in the Church. To listen on-line click here. Also on EWTN, Sirius Satellite and many other sources.

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God is alive! These 3 million young people celebrate the fact!

For over a hundred years we’ve heard the foolish obituary, “God is dead!” The Enlightenment enlightened us to this truth and told us we were alone in the Universe. No God! We men are in charge and the center of all things. We shape our destiny, we create meaning for our existence, we can rid ourselves of old-fashioned religion and squash the Catholic Church (the source of our oppression and dillusions).

But now we are in the 21st century and the young people in Brazil with others flocking in from around the world have a message for the dusty old philosophers: “God is not dead! We experienced him on the beaches of Copacabana!”

It was not the white haired grandmothers or the sour-faced religious types flooding the streets in numbers beyond belief – it was young people from nearly every country in the world that flocked to see the Pope and to celebrate the Catholic Faith. They pulsed with a religious fervor and enthusiasm. They ignore the foolish materialism and secularism of the elite.

They were there to experience the living God and to hear his vicar on earth. They were there to celebrate the same Mass that had been celebrated by the Apostles and the first Christians – and done so continuously for 2,000 years. The Pope said these young people are our future. He is right. And they are right – they’ve scorned the secular ideologies and “God is dead”.

They want and have found the truth. Religion is not dead. Secularism is dead. The Catholic Church is more relevant and alive today than ever.

I am proud to be a Catholic!

From Steve Ray in Lourdes France. I am watching thousands upon thousands of folks on the other side of the planet from Brazil, also reveling in the Faith of the Church and many of them being healed by the power of the very God who exists and is working in the world in the 21st century. Picture below taken this morning at the Grotto of Bernadette.



Do they really think the Pope can or will change Church teaching? Their foolish reaction and splashy headlines only prove them ignorant and incompetent.

Two excerpts:
Teresa Tomeo: “Here we go again. That’s what went through my mind when I started seeing the very sensational headlines from CNN, CBS, the Daily Telegraph, the BBC and others indicating that the head of the Catholic Church is doing an about face on the core teachings concerning homosexuality and the male priesthood.

“It is so sadly similar to the hatchet job the vast number of journalists did several years ago when they tried to allege that Benedict XVI had gone ahead and given the thumbs up to birth control. The comments causing much ado about nothing -now and then – were even made by Francis and Benedict in a similar setting; during a question and answer session traveling with the Church leaders to or from major papal events. And both times the media got it wrong.”

Al Kresta: “This is yet another example of the mainstream media being utterly incompetent when reporting on matters of religion. Any journalist worthy of the title could take a cursory look at the Catechism of the Catholic Church to understand the context of the Pope’s statement. In fact, one needs only to read the next sentence of Pope Francis’ comments ‘The problem is not having this orientation. We must be brothers.’ Catholic teaching is, and always will be, that homosexual orientation is not in and of itself sinful. The Pope broke no new ground here and the attempt to pit Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis against each other on this issue is shameful.”

Read the whole ARTICLE HERE.

References to understand Church teaching: “The Catechism of the Catholic Church: “The Sixth Commandment

United States Catholic Council of Bishops: “Always Our Children: A Pastoral Message To Parents Of Homosexual Children And Suggestions For Pastoral Ministers

Courage, help for Homosexuals