Massively Busy and Exciting Day in Israel, Day 4

by Steve Ray on September 4, 2013

Today we had a long and very eventful day. I only
have the morning and the homily. I will have to post the afternoon
video tomorrow, so stay tuned.

We started the
day by visiting the ancient boat from the 1st century. Was Jesus on
this boat? We don’t know, but if he wasn’t it was a boat just like

Then on the Sea of Galilee on a real boat. I
talked about the Sea and my experience fishing all night with the
fishermen and my talk Defending the Eucharist because we were on
our way to Capernaum for Mass – where Jesus said, “Eat My Flesh and
Drink My Blood.” The bishop’s homily (see below) was exceptional. I
can’t remember ever hearing a better summary of the

Then we ate St. Peter’s fish and
drove to Jerusalem. I told my conversion story on both buses along
the way. Then to the Church of the Visitation and a Solemn Entry
into the Tomb of Christ. Many people were in tears.

However, right now I only have the video for the morning
AND the excellent homily of Bishop Vasa. More tomorrow. Tomorrow I
will put up today’s afternoon video. We will have Mass at the Tomb
of Christ and spend the rest of the day in Bethlehem.




CLICK HERE DAY 4, PART 3: Visitation, Solemn Entry to Christ’s Tomb, group Picture

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Mary Sandefur September 4, 2013 at 5:23 PM

Mom (Cindy Heidorn),

Day 4 sounds amazing! I got goosebumps thinking about what it must have been like to enter the Tomb of Christ. I am so happy that you were able to experience such a powerful moment. I love watching the videos every day. Along with looking at the moon, they help me feel connected to you while you are so many miles from home. I very randomly ran into a cute poem by Hans Christian Anderson today and I wanted to share it with you since you are traveling.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live”.

Keep living to the fullest! I am so happy for you.

Love you for always,

Pat Murphy September 5, 2013 at 12:17 AM

Hello Betty & Jim (Rendahl)
It’s awesome to be able to check in and see what you are doing every day. Almost feels like I’m there with you. Please remember us as you pray in the places where Jesus walked. Have a great time!!! Love, Pat (Murphy)

Ginger Murray September 5, 2013 at 8:01 AM

To Gramma & Grampa (Tom & Dawni Gustafson),
Grampa you were smiling SO big in the wooden boat! I know you enjoyed it and figured out how to make one when you get home!

I agree with Mary (Cindy Heidorn’s daughter), Day 4 was amazing! What a humbling experience to be in the Tomb of Christ.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Ginger and the Louisiana Gstafson’s

Aurora Wilson September 5, 2013 at 9:53 AM

Hi there double g’s, (Tom and Dawni Gustafson)
I am just growing away. Trying to learn how to crawl, if I were with you today I would have such a blast learning from y’allmand mr. Steve. I would like to let you know I am very close to finalizing my baptism with St. Aloysius Baton Rouge. I love y’all very much!!!! Enjoy this amazing journey and don’t forget the pictures so I can see!
Always yours,
Aurora Ann (4 months and 2 weeks). My eyes are still blue too!

suzanne September 6, 2013 at 11:01 AM

hey mom and bill:

glad to hear from you and to see you!! kids and I miss both of you!! things look awesome and unbelievable. well everything except that “fish”. yuk – you know my feelings on fish – lol.

be safe and enjoy!!!
suzi and the kids!

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