Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live Q & A for Non-Catholics

by Steve Ray on November 13, 2013

Below are the questions I answered this month on Catholic Answers Live. I LOVE doing this show and enjoy sharing the faith with joy and charity.

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A Non-denominational asked: Why don’t Catholics believe people in Africa should use condoms to stop the spread of aids?

 An RCIA member asked: Is the presence of God in the Eucharist similar to the presence of God in the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant?

 A Baptist asked: Do Catholics believe one can earn eternal life?

 A Baptist asked: Why do Catholics believe you have to confess sins to a priest? Is penance necessary and what if you don’t do them? If I am a Baptist are my sins forgiven?

 A Non-denominational asked: Can you recommend any good books written by Catholic converts?

 A Young Protestant asked: I was born and raised Catholic and am now 18 years old and live with my parents and I am the only Protestant in the family. They make me go to Mass with them on Sunday. Do I have to go?

 An Evangelical asked: How can you tell if a particular saint is making intercession for you? I heard of one saint that often provides the smell of roses.


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Marie November 14, 2013 at 4:18 PM

Steve, you are one of my favourite guests on CAL. I love your enthusiasm for Truth and the depth of your knowledge! I always come away having learned something new, seeing something in a new way, or having something reinforced, and this not only helps me in my faith but helps me share the fullness of the truth with others. Thank you.

Re: “Why don’t Catholics believe people in Africa should use condoms to stop the spread of [AIDS]?”

When reading the following, it is important to remember that correlation is different from causation.

It is interesting to note that “The correlation between having positive attitudes toward condoms and actually using them is disturbingly close to zero…(Hébert et al., 1989).”[1]

Another correlational study (Rosenberg et al., 1992) found “…that women who relied on condoms had significantly more STDs than women who used [alternative birth control methods].”[2] (This textbook also states that although this finding was reported in the press, the media falsely concluded that the correlation proved causation.)

So there are ample secular reasons for not relying on condoms as a savior. And as you stated on Monday’s show, abstinence has been shown to significantly reduce incidences of AIDS, for example in Uganda.[3] (But then condom manufacturers and abortionists have a vested financial interest in making sure abstinence is not promoted.)

[1] Aronson, Elliot et al., Fundamentals of Social Psychology, Canadian Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, Toronto, 2006, p 27.
[2] Ibid, pp 28, 30.
[3] I do not have the time at present to go through my thousands of notes and documents to add citations here (I was in the middle of going through the above book for another reason, so it was on hand), but I too have seen documentation over and over again that abstinence works.

Mrs. Janet Cocchi November 18, 2013 at 2:11 PM

How do I teach my teenager to defend herself against pro homosexual and pro abortion ideas in class and with friends?

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