Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Egyptian Tragedy

by JesseRay on February 18, 2014

The news of an attack in Eygpt by a muslim suicide bomb on a group of South Korean pilgrim bus is terrible, and our prayers go out for victims and their families.

We ceased all pilgrimages to Egypt back in 2011 because we decided it was no longer a safe place to visit. On the other hand, Israel continues to be very safe, with a long history of security for all pilgrims traveling in the Holy Land. So please be aware of the inaccurate headlines that try to increase fear in traveling to Israel.

Those who have been to both Egypt and Israel know that there has always been a clear difference between the two countries. In general terms Egypt has scattered and inconsistent security, and tends to be more disorganized and dirty. Our experience visiting Israel over 100 times is that it is security is impeccable and efficient, and the infrastructure is modern and clean.

We will continue to pray for peace and stability for Egypt, especially the minority Coptic Christians, and we will continue to enjoy the wonderful modern country of Israel as often as we normally do.