Sunday, February 23, 2014

Last night I gave two talks at a wonderful parish called St. Matthews Catholic Church in Gillette Wyoming. It was an amazingly enthusiastic and excited group of Catholics with a great priest. I gave my talk on the Eucharist and Mary.

I had to drive there and back through the Black Forest National Park. The history along the way was incredible as was the beauty. It was snowing and the pine trees were covered with snow and looked like ghosts clinging to the rocks.

I was able to see Mount Rushmore for the first time in my life and it was quite stupendous with the snow falling and the rocks looming above me. I even saw a Bald Eagle flying theatrically above me and wild Mountain Goats.

Tomorrow I have three talks to give in Fargo North Dakota and then I drive across North Dakota to Bismarck and give more talks there.

I am very grateful to the Lord for the blessings that he is given me. It also reminds me what a beautiful country we have here in America and how we need to work hard to defend our liberties and keep our freedoms. God bless our land and save us from our disastrous trends.

We have a beautiful and wonderful country. These Founding Fathers who are carved into the mountains of Rushmore would be appalled and where our country is today. It reminded me again how blessed we are and how we need to do everything we can to keep our country great. And we need to keep our Christian principles which is what laid the foundations and gave the principles for our freedoms and liberties.