Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Long Month Ahead; keep us in Your Prayers

by Steve Ray on April 20, 2014

Janet and I are at the airport in Detroit heading out to Rome to lead a group of 63 people in a double-decker bus on a Rome-Assisi pilgrimage including the canonization of John Paul II and John the 23rd. Rome will be crowded but we’re looking forward to sharing this experience with our pilgrims.

After that we head straight to Israel to pick up two back-to-back groups for holy land pilgrimages. As much as we love doing this it is still a grueling effort on our part. Early mornings and late nights.

But we love, LOVE, to lead our pilgrims to the land of Our Lord and Our Lady. Our itinerary is the Holy Rosary.

Every free minute I will be writing the script for our movie on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that will be released before Christmas this year. We will be going back to Israel in June to film the rest of the life of Abraham. We did the first part in Iraq in January. We are also editing my book on Genesis which we hope will be released in conjunction with the movie.

There’s a lot of pressure so we ask you to keep us in your prayers. I have not told you half the things we’re doing :-)

Thanks for your moral support and prayers! We will be uploading videos on this blog along the way through the next month. We hope you’ll join us via YouTube video.