Is Peter the First Pope? Join us in the Holy Land to See the Answer is YES

by Steve Ray on May 10, 2014

Today we started out at the Mountain of Beatitudes where we had a wonderful Mass looking out of the sea of Galilee. Fr. Keith in persona Christi proclaimed the gospel during our Mass where Jesus preached.

We drove up to Caesarea Philippi where Jesus said to Peter, “You Are Peter and on This Rock I’ll Build My Church and the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail against It.” I gave everybody my favorite talk about “Peter, the Rock, the Keys & the Chair.” Everybody was proud to be Catholic.

After eating it at Druze restaurant we stopped to overlook the country of Syria where we talked about the terrible persecution of the Christians there which is being sponsored by our US Government and Obama.

We then drove back down to the sea of Galilee and saw the Church of the Primacy of Peter where I gave my talk on St. John chapter 21 where Jesus appointed Peter to tend and to feed his flock. We also saw the place with Jesus multiplied loaves and fish and I explained why this is not about sharing but about Jesus doing an actual miracle and feeding people with only a few loaves and fish.

After that we also saw the place where Jesus cast the demon out of the man after which the demons rushed into the pigs who drowned in the sea of Galilee. At one time this was the largest monastery in the whole of the holy land.

Then we went to our favorite restaurant in Rosh Pina in Upper Galilee and everyone enjoyed some of the finest food they’ve ever eaten and some of the best wines. We turn the bus into a comedy club on the way home and everybody is now swimming in the sea of Galilee and getting ready for bed for our drive to Jerusalem tomorrow.

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Beth Staab May 10, 2014 at 2:53 PM

Hi Gary and Karen Klein! Looks like you are really enjoying yourself in the Sea of Galilee! Guess those water shoes came in handy! It was beautiful to see you renewing your vows yesterday (on my birthday!). I didn’t know you were going to be doing that. How amazing!! Love you so much and miss you! Beth

Dee's Peake Sister; Ellen Davis May 10, 2014 at 6:38 PM

It is so appreciated that you are trying to get every ones face in the pictures. I am leaning over and straing to find my sister in the daily videos. I am in poor health and could not have taken this kind of trip, so I feel she is walking these steps for me. I will look forward to her sharing when she gets home. Will you be giving CD’s of what you tape, or am I going to have to see if my little talent might be able to try to copy your tapes?
Thank you for your movies.
Ellen Davis

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