Friday, August 22, 2014

My Friend David Palm writes:

I want to bring to your attention two important new articles at Geocentrism Debunked (

“Geocentric Physics: Is That All You’ve Got?” by Dr. Alec MacAndrew :


“Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing”, by David Palm :

After four long years, the new geocentrists have finally at least attempted to answer the extremely significant “Lagrange point challenge” issued to them by Dr. Tom Bridgman. In a new article “Geocentric Physics: Is That All You’ve Got?” (, Dr. Alec MacAndrew demonstrates that this attempt is plagued by basic mathematical blunders, naturally calling into question the basic mathematical and scientific compentence of the geocentrists.

But perhaps even more significantly, Dr. MacAndrew has discovered that the bulk of their “case” consists of material plagiarized from mainstream scientists and presented, unattributed, as their own. Further examination shows that the problem of plagiarism by the top geocentrists–Robert Sungenis, Dr. Robert Bennett, and Dr. Gerardus Bouw–is much deeper than that and even extends into the pages of the geocentric “bible,” Galileo Was Wrong. In fact, even run-of-the-mill on-line plagiarism scanners commonly used for high school and college students easily discover the plagiarism in Galileo Was Wrong and the geocentrists’ latest articles answering the “Lagrange point challenge”.

While not exhaustive by any means, “Top Geocentrists Caught Plagiarizing” ( documents many cases of plagiarism by these top geocentrists.

The new geocentrists cultivate an image of themselves as both uniquely trustworthy and competent enough to overthrow a massive scientific consensus on the motion of the earth and to “save” the Catholic Church. After reading these two articles, you can decide whether that image reflects reality or not.