11 Things You Won’t Believe Can Fit in St. Peter’s Basilica

by Steve Ray on November 15, 2014


Everyone knows that St. Peter”s is not only beautiful, but enormous as well (realtor.com has it valued at $11 trillion – “vintage artwork, charming accents, big back yard surrounded by Italy”). But even those who have been inside the colossal structure don’t fully appreciate how big it is. This is because the sheer enormity of its dimensions combined with its virtually perfect architectural balance tricks the human eye and confounds our ability to appreciate its actual size.

This phenomenon is commonly known as “gargantu-opticodimensional pseudoperception.” Actually, Wikipedia had a different name for it, but who trusts Wikipedia?

Before we start, these are the dimensions of St. Peter’s basilica relevant for our little project (via Wikipedia):

Interior length: 693.8 ft.
Interior width at transept: 451 ft.
Interior width of nave: 90.2 ft.
Interior height of dome: 393 ft.

So without further ado…the following things can fit inside St. Peter’s Basilica…

Visit the website for all the details :-)

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Tom Govern November 15, 2014 at 11:01 PM

Let’s go Steve! How about a simple Rome, Assisi, Orvieto type pilgrimage? Maybe Florence if convenient.

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