Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last night we took dinner over to my son Jesse’s house. Anna is our daughter-in-law who is a most remarkable mother. No TV in this home but lots of books and fun. I couldn’t help but make a short video of our evening together along with some excerpts of my grandson Joshua’s piano playing. The last few minutes is a piece he composed in one day. He is 11 years old.


Here is a link to listen on-line to Steve’s Open Line for Non-Catholics: Click here 

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Here are the questions Steve answered:

1) Some on Catholic radio said there must be a God because people who do not believe in God can’t prove the he doesn’t exist. How come Catholic (mostly Catholics) use the argument that because you can’t prove he doesn’t exist you assume he does? (This was a fun call and got a bit feisty at times)

 2) Why do Catholics believe Mary is the Queen of Heaven and that Jesus is the King of Justice and Mary has to protect them from him. 

 3) Why did they take the word cannabis out of the Old Testament? (Very strange question)

 4) I was raised Catholic but I am not Catholic any more. Why do Catholic priests and bishops remain single when the Bible says that Catholic bishops must be the a husband above all. Can you explain that since something is wrong.

 5) How can you explain the existence of God to someone who does not believe?

 6) Why do Catholic say Jesus descended to hell in their creed? 

 7) How can you ask someone to wait until marriage for sex when it says on WebMD that it you don’t use it, you will lose it?

 8) In the Bible it says that if anyone added to or deleted from Scripture that then are damned for eternity; will movie makers be guilty of making movies that alter and change the Bible?