Monday, August 3, 2015

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While flying home from Europe two days ago I was reading the USA Today newspaper. There was a section on the new policy of the Boy Scouts to allow openly gay leaders and employees. 

One of the comments (see to right) demonstrates two things I have been predicting for a long time. First, we Christians are becoming a despised subculture and our views will not be tolerated in the public square. As the comment below says, “Religious beliefs belong in your house of worship or your own home.”

Second, that the issue of homosexuality and the gay lifestyle will be the area where the ostracizing and persecution will start. We, as Christians, cannot be silent and acquiesce to this new “normal”. If we do, we betray Our Lord and our country.

Mainstream America is becoming tolerant of every devious behavior — from gay “marriage” to cutting up babies and selling their body parts. We cannot stand by and be silent. The world wants us to keep our religion in our churches, homes and between our ears but that is NOT what true Christianity is.

The secularists also have a religion. It is the religion of humanism and secularism. Their deviant behaviors are almost seen as secular sacraments: gay marriage, abortion, worship of nature and self, etc.

Get ready Catholics. We are quickly become the objects of ridicule, slander and persecution. Do you really love our Lord? He said if they hated him they will hate us. If they love us then we are not truly his disciples.

We have every right to exercise of religion and free speech in the town square — and I intend to at every opportunity. People may not like it but that is TOUGH! We better use our freedoms while we still have them; if we don’t we will lose them for sure.

Hang on to the truth, teach your kids it’s OK to be different, speak the truth and get ready for rough years ahead.