Expect More of this: “Religious Beliefs belong in your House of Worship or your own Home!”

by Steve Ray on August 3, 2015

While flying home from Europe two days ago I was reading the USA Today newspaper. There was a section on the new policy of the Boy Scouts to allow openly gay leaders and employees. 

One of the comments (see to right) demonstrates two things I have been predicting for a long time. First, we Christians are becoming a despised subculture and our views will not be tolerated in the public square. As the comment below says, “Religious beliefs belong in your house of worship or your own home.”

Second, that the issue of homosexuality and the gay lifestyle will be the area where the ostracizing and persecution will start. We, as Christians, cannot be silent and acquiesce to this new “normal”. If we do, we betray Our Lord and our country.

Mainstream America is becoming tolerant of every devious behavior — from gay “marriage” to cutting up babies and selling their body parts. We cannot stand by and be silent. The world wants us to keep our religion in our churches, homes and between our ears but that is NOT what true Christianity is.

The secularists also have a religion. It is the religion of humanism and secularism. Their deviant behaviors are almost seen as secular sacraments: gay marriage, abortion, worship of nature and self, etc.

Get ready Catholics. We are quickly become the objects of ridicule, slander and persecution. Do you really love our Lord? He said if they hated him they will hate us. If they love us then we are not truly his disciples.

We have every right to exercise of religion and free speech in the town square — and I intend to at every opportunity. People may not like it but that is TOUGH! We better use our freedoms while we still have them; if we don’t we will lose them for sure.

Hang on to the truth, teach your kids it’s OK to be different, speak the truth and get ready for rough years ahead.


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Carlo Razzeto August 3, 2015 at 9:14 AM

People felt the same for a long time. They were saying the same thing at Fatima. “It’s time to move on now, it’s the 20th century already!” Our Lord would have nothing of it then, He will have nothing of it now.

Anil Wang August 3, 2015 at 10:37 AM

There’s a simple response to the line, “Religious beliefs belong in your house of worship or your own home.”

It’s simply: “The world is our house of worship. There’s a word for people who worship only one hour a week on Sundays. It’s called hypocrisy. If God matters at all, he matters all the time.”

Julia Smissen August 3, 2015 at 1:14 PM

We can’t allow the secular culture, gay community, non-believers, etc. in America to confuse freedom of worship with our right to “Freedom of Religion”. Worship is where we spend our time praising, thanking and adoring God, alone or in a group. Religion is a lifestyle for any person of belief which is practiced and in place everywhere you go. Our religion and its tenets predicate the basis for our beliefs, worship and behavior in every setting within and apart from our place of worship; our religious tenets permeate every aspect of our living and being. As Americans we are guaranteed by the Constitution the right to “Freedom of Religion”. This significant point of distinction is what we as Catholics and Americans must herald, communicate and fight for despite opinions to the contrary.

Colin August 4, 2015 at 6:15 AM
Brock Henderson August 4, 2015 at 4:42 PM

Steve, my dear brother, you are not going far enough. Here’s the truth we need to yell through a megaphone using as many media platforms and venues as we can: the Left wishes to abolish and outlaw religion, principally Christianity, and every time they mock this irrefutable fact by invoking a faux “persecution complex” inherent to modern-day American Christians, they are LYING. They are lying to you, to me, to themselves, and to everybody on the fence regarding the issue of religious freedom. They know full well what they are doing, because their objective has ALWAYS been to abolish and outlaw the practice of the Christian religion, and install secular humanism/atheism as the official religion of the United States. Yes, they wish to use the iron hand of the state to punish the practice of Christianity. When they claim that they are okay with the practice of the faith only within the confines of the home, which doesn’t even remotely qualify as an authentic practice of the faith to begin with, they are also LYING. They do, in fact, wish to use the iron hand of the state to arrest and imprison those accused and convicted of “oppressing” other members of their household with traditional Christianity. Many talking heads on the farthest reaches of the Left have openly said so. Make no mistake, my brothers and sisters, they are COMING FOR US. Again – and I cannot stress this enough – it is time to call them what they are when they issue their standard ridicule tactics. They are LIARS, and professional liars, at that. More so than American soldiers were enemies of German soldiers during the bloodfest on Omaha Beach, and more so than in any so-called hot war battle in world history, we can reasonably conclude that the vast majority of these people are our ENEMIES. Their one singular purpose is to DESTROY us. Another word for what’s going on, although certainly the United Nations never had any intention of our people being able to use the word for our advantage, is GENOCIDE. Look up their definition of the word, and you’ll see that there is no rebuttal to my argument. God’s blessings to all.

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