Three Mini Talks by Steve in Ephesus

by Steve Ray on November 5, 2015

The first videot is a short 10 minute video of a talk that I gave at the church of Saint Mary in Ephesus. This is where the third I can medical Council declare that Mary was the Theo tacos, or in English “The Mother of God.”

Steve’s 10 Minute Talk on Mary in Ephesus at the Council Church of 431 AD

The second video contains two short six-minute videos: first, my talk at the “Sex Billboard in Ephesus” that was from ancient Ephesus during the time of St. Paul and in the talk I discussed so sex affects men and how we should be holy; second, my short talk at the tomb of St. John in Ephesus.

Steve’s Shirt Talk on the Sex Billboard in Ephesus and Steve’s Talk at the Tomb of the Apostle St. John

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