Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mary knew mercy. Mary saw mercy. The mercy was so real and visible and close it may have splashed on her face. Sister Faustina’s Divine Mercy shows the blood and water springing from the side of Christ, the fountain of mercy. Mary stood at the foot of the Cross where the blood and water emerged from her Son’s side. 

 Mercy became flesh in Mary’s womb in Nazareth; Mary gave birth to Mercy in Bethlehem; she raised her Son and lived with Mercy for thirty years before sending him out to be and show mercy for three years – only then to see Mercy demonstrated in such a divine and human manner— the Son of God, her own son, hanging on the Cross to make mercy available to all people. 

 Imagine standing in all these places in the Year of Mercy. Imagine eating the Body and Blood of Our Lord — mercy itself — in the very places he showed us what mercy was. Join us in the Holy Land.


Is the Pope Justifying Condoms?

by Steve Ray on December 9, 2015

  Not sure what to think of the Pope’s words on the plane home from Africa. What do you think?

If his point was that we should solve hunger, exploitation, pure water issues, and other tragedies in Africa then good, I am in total agreement.

But, it doesn’t seem wise to me to speak in such an unclear way that allows people to conclude he is using Jesus’s words about doing things forbidden on the Sabbath in a way that could be used in favor of condoms and contraception. 

He looks tired and I assume he was after his African trip but we need to be careful what we say and how we say it especially if our voice has such authority and goes around the world.

Maybe I am being overly critical or missing something…

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