Thursday, December 24, 2015

Fun, fun, fun! I love doing the Catholic Answers Live call-in show. Wednesday the topic was Bethlehem and the Nativity. We started out with my description of what it was like for Mary and Joseph to arrive in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. 

You can listen on-line HERE; for other listening options like podcast, click HERE.

Here are some of the questions I answered: 

1. Are there any sources outside the Gospels that attest to the birth and life of Jesus Christ? (see book list below)

2. In Matthew it mentions that Mary remained a virgin UNTIL the birth of Jesus. Does that mean Mary had marital relations with Joseph after Jesus’ birth?

3. Did the Magi go to Nazareth or Bethlehem? What was the situation with their arrival?

4. When did the wise men come to visit Jesus — immediately after his birth or several years later?

5. The wise men are referred to as Casper, Balthazar and Melchias. Where did these names come from?

6. Can you provide some deeper insight as to why King Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus, and again when he agreed to have him crucified?

7. Were the shepherds and wise men considered of low esteem — outcasts?


– The Historical Jesus, by Habermas
– Jesus Outside the New Testament, by Van Voorst
– Case for Christ, by Stroebel (very good)
– Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ, by Habermas
– Evidence for Jesus, by Dunn
– Christian Origins Outside the New Testament, by Bruce
– Evidence for Jesus, by France