Saturday, January 23, 2016

Are Evangelical Churches Growing?

by Steve Ray on January 23, 2016

Lenny Alt ( shared the following:

MICHAEL CONTI SAYS in the FACEBOOK group “Roman Catholicism is Apostate”:  “I remember the first time after I got out of prison and went to a Calvary Chapel in North-East Philly, the Pastor was telling us that over 50% of the congregation were ex-Catholics…and this Calvary Chapel had over 12,000 members.”  

LENNY ALT SAYS: Now it appears that numbers of people attending Evangelical churches are going down at the rate of one  million a year.  For many years I have heard Evangelicals say they USED TO BE CATHOLICS and they would boast at how many ex-Catholics were  in their congregations.  Now it appears there is a change.  In fact a close friend of mind refers to herself as a “USED TO BE PROTESTANT.”  82% of Evangelical churches are not growing but, in fact, are declining.  I asked Michael Conti if his church was still growing last year and I was told his church was declining – but numbers don’t mean everything. Evidently there will be more ex-Evangelicals in the world.  

(Many of those dropping out of Evangelical churches are discovering the Catholic Church – ancient, yet forever young!)

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