Pope and Catacombs

by Steve Ray on March 12, 2016

Our group at St. Peters

The group was happy today! We arrived early from great seats at the Pope’s General Audience. Lots of great pictures and videos. Perfect weather.

Then off to lunch at the always favorite Cicilia Metella Restaurante out on the Via Appia Antica. Then underground into catacombs before Mass at St. Sebastian’s Church, one of the seven pilgrimage churches.

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Julie Minamiura March 12, 2016 at 6:19 PM

Dear Steve,
Thanks for this video and your speeches in YouTube. My husband and I missed this morning’s audience with Pope Francis as we didn’t know about it and were there too late. I was feeling down as I’ve missed a chance of a lifetime to meet the Pope. God must know this as He let me watch your video on the topic of St Peter, the rock, key and seat. And that led me to your website and this video. God is real and works in the most amazing way. We just need to know how to look.

I’m a Catholic convert too and your videos are great sources of encouragement. Thank you.
We will head back to Singapore tomorrow.
God bless.

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