Memorable One-Liners From Mother Angelica

by Steve Ray on March 28, 2016 – 
Mother Angelica, a Poor Clare of Perpetual Adoration, never did anything in a small way. She was known for her ability to parry a quick retort, make a wry observation or toss off a witticism that could catch a listener off-guard in its wisdom. Due to a stroke, the EWTN foundress had been silent for more than a decade, but her dart-like observations still hit their mark. We’ve collected a few for you, here. Most of these were found in Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality:
On Conversion:
Even the devil believes that God exists. Believing has to change the way we live.

On Faith:

Faith is one foot on the ground, one foot in the air and a queasy feeling in the stomach.

On clarity:

If you are following God, he never shows you the end. It’s always a walk of faith.

  On Trust:

Unless you are willing to do the ridiculous, God will not do the miraculous.

On Mindfulness:

Everyone drags his own carcass to market, so be careful.

On Love:

Love is not a feeling; it’s a decision.

On Mercy:

You can’t go to heaven hating somebody. Forgive now.

On Anger:

St. Jerome used to hit himself with a rock every time he lost his temper. I’d be dead as a doornail with no ribs if I did that.

On Struggle

If you’ve got a cross, carry it. It’s to make you holy.

On Reality:

Those who tell the truth love you. Those who tell you what you want to hear love themselves.

On Error:

Every moment of life is like God saying, “Look, I know you messed up the last moment, but here’s a new one.”

On Pride:

Once you contemplate the humility of Jesus in the Eucharist, how can you possibly justify your pride?

On the Courage to Suffer:

It takes a lot of guts to be in pain all day long.

On Enemies:

Don’t say, “If it weren’t for that person I could be holy.” No; you can be holy because of that person.

On Not Limiting God:

Your plans, your projects, your dreams have to always be bigger than you, so God has room to operate.

On Perseverence:

Faith is what gets you started. Hope is what keeps you going. Love is what brings you to the end.

On Holiness:

Holiness is a beautiful struggle.

On Death:

I guess that is what dying must be like: to be finished and to be able to look back at the struggles of life and know that God was your constant companion.

On Serving:

God looks for dodos. A dodo doesn’t know it can’t be done. God uses dodos, and I’m a dodo.

On Worldliness: 

God wants you to be in the world but so different from the world that you will change it. Get cracking.

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Suzanne March 29, 2016 at 11:48 AM

So loved this lady and her spunk! Thank You, Lord, for Your gift of Mother#

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