We were on an Emirates flight but not the one that blew up

by Steve Ray on August 3, 2016

We left India for Dubai on Emirates Airline and landed in Dubai a bit before this Emirates plane from India to Dubai crashed and blew up. Glad we weren’t on that flight :-)


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Mary August 3, 2016 at 11:30 AM

btw Steve, what do you think of Pope Francis recent comment that Islam is not violent?
(personally I disagree with him)

I am very sad to say that I am disappointed in the Pope and his comments regarding Islam. He sounds an awful lot like President Obama who denies that Islam is behind the terrorist attacks.

I do believe that as individual human beings most Muslims desire peace and to live a quiet life. However, the Koran teaches jihad and says there are only three things that are available to the infidel, which is you and me.

First, we convert to Islam; second, we become slaves and pay a steep tax; or third, we are killed. This is what the Koran teaches and that is certainly not a religion of peace.

I think it correct to say – not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.

I think the Pope was completely off-base when he compared the violence of an individual person – who happens to be a baptized Catholic who may kill someone out of rage or jealousy – and the systematic terrorism waged against large groups of innocent people taught and practiced by many Muslims based on their proper understanding of the Koran. Catholics never teach nor practice terrorism. Muslims do!

Muslims, in good conscience, cannot except a democracy or kingdom. Their religion is also a political structure and requires and demands that Allah be in charge of everything, therefore it is a theocracy. They can never assimilate into Western society because their whole religion-political understanding demands that anything not subject to Islam be destroyed so that Allah can rule all people and countries supremely through the Imams in the name of Islam.

This is not a religion-political structure that allows dissent or plurality. And it teaches the destruction of anything or anyone who stands in their way.

So I am sorry but I think the Pope is misinformed, naïve or trying to avoid telling the truth in order to remain at peace with them. However, they will never respond with peace just as we saw ISIS respond today by saying that terrorism, killing and destruction IS part of their religion-politics and that they hate the Pope and the West.

Tom Govern August 3, 2016 at 10:46 PM

I think that the Pope from a religious standpoint needs to approach the problem as Jesus would, very tolerant and forgiving. It does not serve much to start another Crusade without resources to win it. Showing Christian principles to Muslims may win many over. I think that Obama (and the west as a whole) and secular leaders need to acknowledge a structural problem and act. "Peaceful" Muslims as a group should back the action.

STEVE RAY HERE: I usually agree with you on everything Tom, but not on this one. The Pope has to be honest and in this he is not. Jesus made a whip and chased the bad people from the Temple. Peter had Ananias and Sapphira drop dead at his feet. Nice is not a criteria practiced by Jesus or Peter and the Pope should not be a puppet of the political correctness ideology. But I do think you are correct in that we can be both honest and practice tough love while wooing them to the truth. Truth is more appealing than a dishonest “niceness.”

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