Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Steve’s wife Janet jumped in to comment on him and their marriage before the show began :-)

1. What do you mean that real love is not a feeling?

2. How have you maintained love with our wife over 40 years?

3. How can a husband love his wife in relationship with the kids?

4. In the love department, how are men and women very different? What do men need and what do women need?

5. How do you share your Catholic Faith with an agnostic wife?

6. My sister believes our parents only have a business relationship, not love. How can I help her understand they love each other and this is just the way they deal with issues?

7. My brother is struggling with his 15 year marriage claiming he was “never in love.” How can I help my brother save his marriage? Is his marriage worth saving?

8. I am going through a divorce after 20 years. The problem is my husband who left us looked my 17 year old son in the eye that love is never unconditional. He said love is conditional and not a full commitment. What I can I say to my son?

9. There is no love left in our marriage. My husband just drinks now. What can I do?

10. How does the passage of the Bible about wives submitting to their husband fit in with the love that is supposed to be in a marriage? How did Jesus love his bride the Church?

11. I struggle with same-sex attraction. Do you think it possible for me to marry with a firm life commitment and make the marriage work?