Friday, October 7, 2016

Great day today and everyone had a blast. Mass at the top of the Mountain of Transfiguration with my talk comparing the Old and New Testaments. For Fr. Dan’s homily at Transfiguration, click here.

Renewing of wedding vows in Cana and praying the Rosary at the very place where the angel Gabriel met Mary in Nazareth and said “Hail Full of Grace, the Lord Is with You”.

Several hours free at the shores of Galilee for swimming, resting,  reading the Scriptures, watching the waves ripple ashore and sharing all the experiences with newfound friends.



Today we are in Nazareth looking for Mary! We are visiting her home cave where the Angel Gabriel brought the announcement from heaven. We will also visit her cave where she lived 30 years with Joseph and Jesus.

These pictures are over a hundred years old from Nazareth. Not much changed between then and the first century.

When you look at these old pictures and hundreds more I have in a book I purchased in Nazareth (written in Arabic), you can imagine Mary as she walked the dusty streets of Nazareth.

Who is this father, mother and child? Can you “see” Mary at the well of Nazareth where all the women came to collect water? I’ve included modern pictures of the Church of Annunciation built over the cave-house where Gabriel made the announcement to Mary and the altar inside the cave which reads, “The Word Became Flesh HERE!”.

Beautiful Tissott painting of Mary of Nazareth


Words on the altar: “The Word Became Flesh HERE”




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