Assumption of Mary? A Friend Answers a Protestant’s Objections

by Steve Ray on May 20, 2017

The question should not be, why do Catholics honor Mary so much? The question should be why do some Protestants honor Mary so little when in fact, the Bible honors Mary so much. Here is another question. Why do some Protestants honor Mary so little when the early Protestants (especially Martin Luther) honored Mary so much?–enoch…—elijah.html

The-AssumptionBelow is that part of John’s letter objecting to the Mary’s Assumption. He gives this as one of the reasons why he left the Catholic Church and joined one of the Lutheran Churches. The rest of the article is Lenny’s response¬†to John’s very pointed objections.

Dear Lenny: 

Perhaps you can share some of your insights. Here’s where things break down for me. Certainly, Mary had to be a great person to be chosen to bear and raise Jesus. Surely, this must be the greatest honor of all time… The Catholic Church reasons, she must have been bodily assumed into heaven. She was just too good to be rotting in the earth like the rest of us. That is quite an assumption!… Tell me, Lenny, what has your research found? When did this belief in the assumption originate? Did a Pope declare it? Which one? Why wouldn’t something of this significance be recorded in the Bible?

1. Mary rotting in her grave.
2. The assumption of Mary is not in the Bible.
3. The Assumption of Mary defined November 1st 1950.
4. The assumptions of Enoch and Elijah.
5. Non-Catholics teach the ascension of Mary.
6. Lutheran minister, why all the fuss about Mary?
7. Where are the Bones of Mary?
8. The mighty one has done great things for me.
9. The oldest records of the assumption of Mary, 100 to 200 A.D.
10. Rapture/Assumption or is it both?
11. Do Catholics worship Mary as a God?
12. Why do Catholics honor Mary so much?
13. Martin Luther exalts Mary his “spiritual mother.”

Dear John:

Mary rotting in her grave: Your statement; She [Mary] was just to good to be left rotting in the earth like the rest of us is not a real objection but a statement of mockery. John, perhaps someone said this to you and not knowing how to respond to it, you simply caved in and concluded that Assumption of Mary is not real. Would you say that Lazarus was to good to be left rotting in his grave when Jesus brought him back to life? The dead man came out (Jn 11:44)?Would you speak this way about the people who came out of their tombs after the death of Jesus? Tombs were opened, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised, And coming forth from their tombs after His resurrection, they entered the holy city and appeared to many (Mt 27:52-53).Were they too good to be rotting in their graves?

You should not mock something you do not believe just because it is not the norm. It is true that Lazarus physical body being brought to life after death is not the norm. And it is also true that people coming out of their tombs and appearing to others is not the norm. They are the exception, but that does not mean that they didn’t happen.


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Julie Nicholson May 20, 2017 at 12:59 PM

Hey Steve,
I tried to add a post to your blog page on the Assumption of Mary and it would not allow me to…

So, I’m sending it through email and if you want to add it to your comments for me, great!

But, understand if you feel it’s not appropriate.. My guess was my blogspot address was blocking me to send.

Anyway….this is what I wrote.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for sharing and doing all you do!
Wow! The Assumption of Mary..

As an ex-Protestant I remember the first time I heard that Catholic’s believe Mary was assumed into heaven.?

Where is that in the Bible?

Even after I came into full communion with the Catholic Church, this was an item (teaching) I put on a shelf along with other items…. It takes prayer and time to figure so much out.. To me the Catholic Church is like a BIG bottomless treasure chest…..and the treasures (some of them) take a lifetime and more to touch and hold and come to a full knowledge…

Well, I’m happy to tell you, I have taken that item off the shelf and it is fascinating … I truly believe, and in believing my God has shown me how awesome His plan for Salvation is, was and continues ….Amen!

I love digging into the treasure chest….so rich and I love and feel so blessed the Holy Spirit nudged our family to Mother Church..

Well, thanks to You and Janet and two trips we took as pilgrims with “Footprints of God” we learned some history we never knew… And I connected some dots and came to the conclusion…how can a Christian not believe in the assumption of Mary?

Well, sharing my detective work, in connecting the dots.
I’m a blogger…. Not a professional blogger, just someone who loves being Catholic and sharing our faith journey…
Leaving my footprints where God has touched my heart.

God Bless, Julie Nicholson

Edelyn June 4, 2017 at 3:30 AM

Thank you so much.

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