Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), was interviewed recently by Raymond Arroyo about his book The Cardinal Müller Report: An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church.

This was an excellent interview. I would not want this man’s job. But I found him insightful, brilliant and able to parse ideas and the current situations with the Pope to carefully navigate his words to express the truth but not get himself in trouble. And he did it all in English which is not his primary language.

raymond was tactful but blunt and pointed as a great reporter should be  very worth the 30 minutes to view.

Here is the video of that interview:

He said, “It is absolutely impossible that the pope, as the successor of St. Peter, the Vicar of Jesus Christ for the Universal Church, [would] present a doctrine which is plainly against the words of Jesus Christ.”


Why Our Pilgrimages Sell Out Months in Advance

by Steve Ray on May 27, 2017

Hello Elizabeth

I must tell you dear Elizabeth, Steve Ray’s Holy Land trip was even better than I could have imagined. It could not have been done better!

First, let’s start with the preparation. All the materials sent in advance, the preparations — all functioned flawlessly. I wrote to you about this in a previous email. From the start, we were treated like royalty and it never stopped.

From my experience, Amer was the man-on-the-ground whose job it was to make sure everything happened, and it happened on time without a hitch. If that man or any member of his family showed up in the LA area, I’d take off work if necessary, travel to wherever he was and take him and his travel companions out to a great dinner at a fancy restaurant in an attempt to return the favor for his unbridled hospitality. Wow was he great! A storehouse of knowledge with an intimate connection to the land.

And Stephen and Janet Ray. Where do I start? Steve’s done this so often and so well, he makes the complex seem effortless. Janet made sure we didn’t get lost or separated from the pack. With all the contacts that he and Amer have, we were able to do things that few could do. How many of the pilgrims get to celebrate Latin High Chant Mass at the Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for 50. Breathtaking. The experience of a lifetime.

And the people from the Food Donation Connection. They were so friendly and pious.

My wife Merle and I will never be the same. I’ve told all my friends about this trip and told them explicitly “You should go”.

So thank you Elizabeth. Thank you Amer and your family, Thank you Steve and Janet Ray. Thank you Bill and Sue for all that you’ve done for Merle and I.

I hear there are plans for a Part II trip in February of 2020. I told Bill — count Merle and I in.