Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Click HERE to listen to the show. It was fun with some longer answers with some very nice responses…

1) Liberal Critic: How can the Catholic mission be more about feeding the hungry and ending war as opposed to orthodoxy?

2) Sedevacantist: Do we have a higher obligation to follow the Church as it stands than to reject the modern Catholic Church but keep Tradition?

3) Protestant: I heard that all the Jewish prophecies are fulfilled in the Mass and I don’t understand that at all. Can you explain?

4) Generic Protestant: Who do we consider to be in the Church and what happens to non-Catholics when they die?

5) Non-Catholic: Does the pope eat fish on Friday, and if I eat fish, will I be a good Catholic?

6) Generic Protestant: What is the difference between being a Catholic and being a Christian if we believe in the same thing?