Thursday, August 24, 2017

…but David Palm has a website called Geocentrism Debunked. Here are his latest articles:

A Reader Thanks Geocentrism Debunked:  The thanks we regularly receive for the material on Geocentrism Debunked is always encouraging. One reader’s comments were particularly detailed and thoughtful: “Your website has shown me that I was taken in by specious arguments…”  Read more at

Paranoid Much? The ‘Principled’ Response to Flat Earth Geocentrism:  Ball Earth geocentrists like Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano have been flummoxed by the tremendous surge of interest in Flat Earth geocentrism, a global appeal which has eclipsed their own efforts.  To explain this phenomenon they’ve floated the conspiracy theory that the Flat Earth movement is in reality a “Very, very well funded” psychological operation (“psyop”) masterminded by “some of the clever guys who really despise us in the Catholic Church”, specifically targetting their movie The Principle.  As with so many conspiracy theories, this one falls apart on examination….or does it?  Learn more at

What is the Single Best Argument Against Geocentrism?:  There are many great arguments against strict Geocentrism, but in my opinion the single best is the universal evidence for the existence of gravity. The new geocentrists admit that the Earth is in a gravitational relationship predominantly with the Sun, given its mass and proximity.  But despite repeated requests they have never ponied up with the observational evidence for the other sources of gravity that, at every second of every minute of every day exactly offset the constantly changing gravitational pull on the Earth from the Sun and to a lesser extent the moon and the other planets of our solar system thereby leaving the Earth motionless.  Laying aside their ubiquitous, but invalid, appeal to General Relativity (which they reject as false), the new geocentrists have no good answer from within their own system to this simple question which is why they refuse to answer it, choosing instead to obfuscate and equivocate.  Check out