Friday, December 22, 2017

Jesus Said His Mother Had Other Sons! Really?

by Steve Ray on December 22, 2017

MaryWithBaby.jpgI was confronted with an interesting argument against Mary’s perpetual virginity. The man argued that the Bible itself proves that Mary had other children. He claimed that Jesus expressly states in no uncertain terms that his mother had other sons. He said it must have been overlooked by the Catholic Church.

To read my whole response, click here.  Surprise, at the end of the article, you will discover that Mary DOES have other children!


Mary’s Virginity: How Was Jesus Born?

by Steve Ray on December 22, 2017

41e725bff1f7845953fb5ea2d9c08b74Every time I am on the radio over Advent someone calls and asks if Jesus was born normally and naturally like other babies, or was he a miraculous birth–in other words, arriving in the world by avoiding the birth canal and without “opening the womb.” There are discussions and debates suggesting he miraculously appeared in Mary’s arms without a normal birth.

After reading much of the material on this matter I believe he was born as any other baby. You can read my article and thoughts here.

I know a lot of folks are very adamant on the other side of the debate and I do not post this to start another debate here. I am presenting this for people interested in the topic to think on the issues and to understand both sides.