Is Peter the Peg of Isaiah 22 that will be Broken Off?

by Steve Ray on May 14, 2018

A Protestant friend who is currently splashing in the Tiber and scrambling out on the Catholic side wrote and asked about the Peg of Isaiah 22:23?25. Below is his query and my response.

02A16WM2-660x350He wrote: >>>The only issue which has unsettled me scripturally which I have not been able to find an answer that suits me is that of the peg in Isaiah 22:23-25. As Matthew 16:17-19 is a key passage in understanding an aspect of the foundations of the Catholic church, I tried to research it and apply the typologies and allusions from the passages and I remain unsettled.

It seems as though it states that the peg driven into a firm place will hold a great burden which seems to be referring to what could be the Catholic Church, as the Catholic Church seems to be in a firm place and holds a great burden of upholding the truth. However, it bothers me that the peg is said to break by the weight of the burden. If the peg is referring to Jerusalem, as you alluded to, I am also curious how this passage relates to the keys given to Eliakim and Peter. <<<

I responded: We have here two different things.¬†First, it is a historical situation dealing with a real steward, having nothing to do with a “prophecy” about Peter or the future kingdom of Christ. There was a steward Shebna who ruled at the time and he was bad. So, another steward, Eliakim, was going to take his place. The successor would also end up in trouble and as the new peg, he would also eventually be removed. There was no promise of infallibility for stewards back then :-)

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