July 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 12.14.22 PMOnly saints are in heaven. Scripture says, “Strive for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” (Heb. 12:14) If heaven is our goal, we are necessarily placed on the road to holiness and sainthood.

Did you know “holy” and “saint” come from the same root word? Do you understand the difference between “Saints” and “saints”?

Did you know that the New Testament repeated calls us saints, even now? Steve lays the foundation to understand our journey to sainthood using the fascinating Old Testament saints who point the way.


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From my friend Dave Palm at Geocentrism Debunked. His website is debunking the belief that the earth lies at the center of the universe which some Catholics have taken a shine to lately. (Maybe the earth is flat too :-)


There has been a lot going on at Geocentrism Debunked lately. Most notably I had a live discussion/debate with geocentrist Bob Sungenis on the Non Sequitur Show a few weeks ago. I’ll be writing up highlights from that discussion and especially from the follow-up correspondence between Sungenis and me, an exchange that has brought to light yet more gaping holes in the geocentric case.

But in the meantime, I wanted to make you aware of some articles on the site you may not yet have seen:

Bob Sungenis has been claiming for years that his Rube Goldberg wobbly universe “explains” both stellar parallax and aberration of starlight. In “Geocentrism and Stellar Aberration: Illuminating the Earth’s Motion” we demonstrate first that Sungenis fundamentally misunderstands aberration. We then demonstrate that Sungenis’s “solution” only partially explains parallax and certainly does not explain aberration, for a number of concrete reasons. I suspect he’ll eventually realize that he’s made a mistake and come up with some additional, convoluted “explanation”. But in the meantime reasonable people will be content with the knowledge that both stellar parallax and aberration are explained perfectly well simply by noting that the Earth orbits the Sun, according to the laws of gravity. So there is no need for the wobbly universe.

Speaking of a wobbly universe, here’s another article related article. The Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft were launched in the 1970s on a trajectory that ultimately took them all the way out of our solar system. In order to track those far-distant spacecraft accurately their signals had to be corrected by ground stations for motions such as Earth’s precession, nutation, polar motion, tides, the Moon’s, Sun’s and planets’ gravitational torque, etc. Bob Sungenis was years ago challenged to give us one good reason why we should attribute all of those motions to the spacecraft themselves rather than to the Earth. In “Top Geocentrist Fails Pioneer Challenge” I document that Sungenis studiously sidestepped the question and sought instead to distract the reader with page upon page about the interesting, but irrelevant, Pioneer anomaly. To this day Sungenis has never actually answered the Pioneer Challenge and it’s not hard to see why; he can’t give one good reason why we should attribute all of those motions to the spacecraft themselves rather than to the Earth.

And in “Geocentrist Dodges Pioneer Challenge, Part 2” we find that geocentrist Rick DeLano was confronted with the very same Pioneer Challenge and he dodged the question in exactly the same way as Sungenis, by pointing to the interesting but ultimately irrelevant Pioneer anomaly. You always know you’re onto something when the geocentrists won’t give a straight answer.


It is sad when you have to send around a homily because it is so exceptional. This kind of truthful and powerful homily should be standard fare at every parish on every Sunday. Sadly it is not, so people like me have to get excited when they discover such a hard-hitting homily. And we send it around.

This homily was preached by convert Fr. Jay Scott Newman on Sunday, July 29, 2018. It deals with Humane Vitae and the sins of Cardinal McCarrick (who gratefully is no longer a Cardinal). I highly recommend you listen and pass it along. Thanks to Steve Wood for sharing it with me.

Homily by Fr. Jay Scott Newman


Great Friends at Steubenville Conference

July 28, 2018

Fr. David Merconi SJ, Dr. Scott and Kimberly Hahn, me (Steve Ray), Holly Ordway, Mark Hart, Dr. Carrie Gress, Patrick Madrid, Trent Horn and Mike Aquila. Others on the speaking team but not in the picture were Al Kresta, Leah Darrow and Fr. Paul Scalia. It was very enjoyable being with a lot of these […]

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Cardinal McCarrick Resigns as Cardinal

July 28, 2018


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On my way to Steubenville – Interesting, Politically-incorrect Talks to give

July 27, 2018

Update:   One comment, representative of many, after my talk: Hi Steve, We spoke briefly Fri night in the fieldhouse and you were somewhat anxious about your main presentation on Sat. And yet, you received the most enthusiastic ovation afterward. I really appreciate your remarks, all of them. You needed to speak forcefully and you did […]

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Never Assemble a Grill

July 25, 2018

I will never, ever, EVER again buy a grill that needs to be assembled! Never! Notice it is dark and way too late to grill our dinner!

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Arriving in Nebraska! Excited about New Talk!

July 20, 2018

I’ll be landing in Omaha Nebraska very soon and meeting up with Jim Carroll from Spirit Catholic Radio. They are beginning the celebration of their 20th anniversary on the air. I am proud to be their kick off event! I will be speaking Friday night in Omaha and on Saturday in Lincoln and Grand Island […]

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Why One Priest Cancelled Netflix and Rebuked Them

July 18, 2018
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Two Relevant Quotes from Two Brilliant Minds

July 17, 2018

Christopher Dawson (@cdawsonquotes) “Protestantism, Liberalism, and Communism are three successive stages by which our civilization has passed from Catholicism to complete secularism. The first eliminated the Church, the second eliminated Christianity, and the third eliminates the human soul.”   Hilaire Belloc (@bellocquotes) “The Catholic Church is an institution I am bound to hold divine — […]

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We Loved this Movie: “Woman in Gold”

July 15, 2018

We watched an exceptional movie today which we highly recommend! Full of injustice and redemption, courage, family, sacrifice and love. Have Kleenex handy. We will watch it again for sure. The true story of artwork stolen by the Nazis from a Jewish Austrian family and their fight to have it returned. The elegant woman Maria […]

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Israel Breaks IncomIng Tourism Records for Mid-2018

July 13, 2018

JUST REPORTED BY THE STATE OF ISRAEL: “In June alone, 310,200 tourists entered Israel – an increase of about 2% compared with June of last year. (PICTURE: Our full bus of pilgrims in June 2018. One of 8 trips this year to the Holy Land.) “For the first time, Israel crossed the threshold of 2 […]

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Cardinal Arinze: “If Protestants want to receive Communion, they should become Catholic“

July 13, 2018

“It is very important to look at the doctrine,” he added. “The Eucharistic celebration of the Mass is not an ecumenical service. It is not a gathering of those who believe in Christ and who invent a prayer for the occasion. It is a celebration of the mysteries of Christ who died for us on […]

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Little Charlie & the Big Combine!

July 11, 2018

love being a Grandpa!

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Are we too conservative for our own good?

July 9, 2018

Conservatives are conservative by their very nature. But we must get over being so conservative and start being real and vocal Conservatives. Conservative silence is no longer acceptable. We are in the middle of a cultural war! If we stand idly by, our grandkids will someday ask, “What did you do Grandpa? Where were you […]

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I Just Broke the Law and the Pharisees May Come After Me

July 7, 2018

Today I broke the law… I picked kernels of  wheat and ate them as I walked through the field. It was Saturday. Had the Pharisees caught me I’d have been reprimanded, “Why are you doing what is not lawful on the Sabbath?” The amber waves of grain were blowing in the wind over the hundred-acre […]

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