Friday, July 13, 2018

“In June alone, 310,200 tourists entered Israel – an increase of about 2% compared with June of last year.
(PICTURE: Our full bus of pilgrims in June 2018. One of 8 trips this year to the Holy Land.)
“For the first time, Israel crossed the threshold of 2 million tourist arrivals by the end of June… [I]n the first half of the year, there was an increase of 19% in overall tourist entries compared to the same period last year.“

In June alone, 310,200 tourists entered Israel – an increase of about 2% compared with June of last year.” (Source: Israel Travel Bureau)<

STEVE RAY HERE:  Considering that the population of Israel is around 8 million people that means that in the first half of this year 1/4 of the number of the population of Israel toured Israel. Or by the end of the year, if the numbers remain consistent, 4 million people will visit Israel which is half of their total population.

I am here to tell you that — having visited Israel over 160+ times and taking thousands of people — it a safe and marvelous and spiritual and biblical and beautiful.

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“It is very important to look at the doctrine,” he added. “The Eucharistic celebration of the Mass is not an ecumenical service. It is not a gathering of those who believe in Christ and who invent a prayer for the occasion. It is a celebration of the mysteries of Christ who died for us on the Cross, who made bread into His body and wine into His blood and told the Apostles ‘do this in memory of me’.

D4D50991-3E30-4744-A0CD-F4E15287C9A6“So the Eucharistic celebration of the Mass is the celebration of the faith community, those who believe in Christ. They are communicating in the faith, and in the sacraments, and in ecclesiastical communion, not now Holy Communion but ecclesiastical unity with their pastor, their bishop and the Pope. It is the community that celebrates the Holy Eucharist. Anybody who is not a member of that community does not fit in at all.

“It isn’t just that we wish one another well. After Mass, you can have a cup of tea and even a glass of beer and a bit of cake. That’s OK. But the Mass is not like that.

“But we wish other Christians well. The Holy Eucharist is not our private possession which we can share with our friends. Our tea is such and also our bottle of beer. We can share those with our friends.”

He said that if Protestants wished to receive Communion in Catholic churches they should become Catholics. “Come, be received into the Church and then you can receive Holy Communion seven times a week. Otherwise, no.”

Furthermore, Catholics who have committed mortal sins must receive absolution before they can receive the Eucharist, he said.”

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