Sunday, August 5, 2018

Why are some ex-Catholics so hateful?

by Steve Ray on August 5, 2018

I was asked recently why some ex-Catholics and anti-Catholics are so hateful and mean — why they display such fierce opposition to the Church. Of course, not all ex-Catholics are that way, but a good number are.

angry_preacher1When I was an anti-Catholic I did not consider Catholics to be Christians. They were heretics. I thought they needed to be exposed, fought against, and resisted, like any other false religion. But I did not hate them and talk with hateful and mean words.

Though there are probably many reasons, I suggested that sometimes people define themselves in relationship to other groups — a sociological phenomenon. In other words, an ex-Catholic may define himself and his new religion by opposing his old self and religion. His opposition and protestations define who he is.

He leaves the Catholic Church and must now be accepted by his new group, many of which are made up primarily of other ex-Catholics. He proves his new loyalty and the degree of his commitment by the degree of his hostility.

The more hostile he is to Catholicism, the better Protestant he perceives himself to be. The more he shows aggression against Catholics, the more he proves himself a loyal member of the new club. I think that is one reasons we get such hostility from some anti-Catholics.