Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Apparition at Knock is a little known among Catholics but for me it is my favorite Apparation. It is called a Marian apparition but in reality it is a Eucharistic apparition because the center of everything as the Lamb Standing on the Altar. We had a beautiful Mass at the very chapel of the apparition with Fr. James Conlon and two of our deacons. You can hear Fr. James’s homily here. I gave a 30 minute talk hear about all the biblical and Catholic meaning to this somewhat complicated yet simple and beautiful apparition which is 139 years old this month.  You can hear/watch my talk in two parts below. For a beautiful song about Knock, click here. Then our two buses drove back to Galway where we spent the rest of the afternoon taking a walking tour of the city and free time for shopping, eating at all the pubs and restaurants, and just enjoying the pedestrian only streets that are fascinating to walk through. ALL THRU KNOCK AND GALWAY STEVE’S TALK AT KNOCK, PART 1 STEVE’S TALK AT KNOCK, PART 2