Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Grateful pilgrims write:
Steve & Janet,
This “Thank You” is very belated because we are still processing all we learned on this fantastic trip! It no way reflects any negative feelings, because all we felt about the trip is very positive.
You both gave us a lot of information and experiences that keeps popping up in our dreams and thoughts throughout the day. Can’t say there has been a major conversion experience, but there is definitely a deeper love and appreciation of our Faith.
We also want to thank you for your attention to detail and wonderful accommodations. Both hotels were superb and the food was delicious at all of our stops.
Having both you and Amer giving insights into the culture, history and religious backgrounds enriched our understanding of the various sites.
Even though the assistive listening system was not compatible with my Cochlear Implant equipment, you and Amer graciously filled me in on lost information and answered my questions. Appreciated Janet keeping an eye on all of us to be certain no one was left behind.
Thank you, thank you and thank you! May God bless you both in your Ministry in bringing Jesus’ Good News to others!  Hope to see you on a future Pilgrimage!
Kathie & Gene

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UPDATE: The Catholic Thing has posted an update, especially of interest is the last half of the report regarding Vigano and Oullette HERE.

If you intend to follow the ill-advised Youth Synod in Rome, I suggest you check in periodically with “The Catholic Thing” which has Robert Royal there for the duration. The conflicts between bishops over this Synod involving the Pope is quite telling. Here is the introduction to the whole affair in today’s article by Robert Royal.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 7.28.41 AMNote: I am in Rome for the Synod on “Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment,” which begins today. I’ll be here, Deo Volente, essentially the whole month of October. It’s an inopportune time for such an event: the abuse crisis – and the involvement in that crisis of several bishops participating in the synod – have damaged the Church’s credibility with young people. The “Working Document” (Instrumentum Laboris) is cumbersome and deeply flawed – more sociology than theology – as our friends Archbishop Chaput and George Weigel have argued. And the Instrumentum betrays signs of wanting to move the Church more in the direction of secular culture rather than moving the culture in the direction of the Church. But the show goes on. The Catholic Thing will be bringing you regular synod reports (daily, if warranted) from Rome, as well as our regular columns during October. This is a crucial moment: Oremus pro invicem. – Robert Royal.

I would suggest you subscribe for free to this excellent daily review of everything Catholic, intelligent and worthy. It also exposes things that need to be exposed, and extols that which is of beauty and virtue and righteous. Visit The Catholic Thing to sign up.