Welcoming New People at Mass this Easter – They May Be an Answer to Someone’s Prayers

by Steve Ray on April 16, 2019

We get busy on during the Easter┬áSeason. We don’t have a lot of respect for people who go to church only on Christmas and Easter. We may be irritated that seats are taken and the church is noisy.

But, you are praying for your family and friends to come back to church and MAYBE these folks visiting today are answers to someone else’s prayers.

How about be being warm and friendly, smiling and welcoming. This is a cool video – share it with everyone you can. This short video is about Christmas, but it is exactly the same for Easter.

May sure you welcome people, especially visitors and families or someone who looks “lost” or alone. Maybe they are stepping into church for the first time. Maybe your welcome and friendship will be the determining factor if they ever come back.

Pretend Jesus just walked in the door….

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Leslie April 18, 2019 at 3:22 AM

But there is also the possibility that they don't want to be talked to or welcomed or to have a fuss made over them. Maybe that's why they chose a day when the church would be crowded – they don't want to be noticed. In that case a friendly smile would be better.

I don't like to have people posted at the door to welcome me, and if I'm visiting a church and they want visitors to stand and introduce themselves, or even just stand, I cringe, and stay put.

I'm reminded of Scott Hahn's story of the first time he attended a Mass. He wanted to be inconspicuous, and mercifully he was allowed to be.

STEVE RAY HERE: Leslie, very good point. I tend to be that way too, like you describe. But my son with his 8 beautiful kids moved and went to Mass and everyone ignored them like they were invisible. They went to a different church the next week and had other families come up and greet them and a man sitting in front of them gave them $20 to buy the kids donuts after Mass. Guess which church is now their home parish?

But your point is well taken. Thanks.

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