Monday, April 22, 2019

Pilgrimages Compared to Car Dealerships

by Steve Ray on April 22, 2019

There are two big issues people struggle with before going to Israel: safety and price.

We will deal with safety later, but let’s deal first with price.

You’ll notice that my prices are typically $500 – $1000 more than other pilgrimages. If you compare prices on the website you’ll find this to be true. I am a businessman and not ashamed of our price — but quite proud of it. Why?

If two people visit auto dealerships to buy the same car they may find the price to vary by several thousand dollars. Why the different price for the same model car?

At Dealership A, the buyer gets a cheaper price but finds out the tires are extra, the gas tank is empty, the paperwork is not completed and will take another two weeks to complete. They offer you a pittance as a trade-in on your old car. The new car has never been cleaned nor the stickers removed from the windows, etc. The warranty is only for six months. The sales person is hardly around when you need them.

At Dealership B, at this quality dealership, the tires are included, the car is immaculately clean inside and out, the gas tank is full, the paperwork is all prepared requiring only a simple signature. They also offer you a nice price on your old car in return. The salesman gives you his cell phone so you have instant contact. The warranty is for five years. On the front seat you find a fine bottle of wine for you to enjoy your purchase when you arrive home.

A true story: We were walking through the streets of Jerusalem. Two friends who had planned their pilgrimages together ended up on two different roups. They met in passing in Jerusalem.

The other guy yelled to his friend in our group, ” Hey Tom, I found a better price!”

Our pilgrim yelled back, “Hey Jim, you might have gotten a cheaper price, but I got a better deal!”

Not all pilgrimages are created equal. Some go for a cheap introductory price to lure buyers — others go for value.

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