Friday, August 30, 2019

Bible Riddle

by Steve Ray on August 30, 2019

I am one but you’d see three,
and people barely think of me.
But I am often on their lips,
or found beneath their fingertips.
I warrant very little thought,
but with my help billions are taught.
And while I span a space so small,
I help you see what’s one, not all.
When God’s words first appeared on scrolls,
I was not found among their roles.
But in God’s word I’m now throughout,
to help you his will learn about.
Read just his first verse and his last,
and you’ve seen me there five times fast.
In fact this verse is one of few,
in which I’m not found through and through.
Although it’s true I’m found in “there”
but you will never see me here.


Poland 9: Final Comments & Farewells!

by Steve Ray on August 30, 2019

We are unable to fit everything into one video so we added this final video with our last moments of the trip. This includes our amazing dinner, farewells and comments, and the departure.

We especially want to thank our partners and making this trip such a success including Corporate Travel Services and Ave Maria Radio along with GM Travel.

Poland is an amazing pilgrimage country and one will be visiting again soon in 2021 with Ignatius Press.

As you watch the short video you’ll see what all of our pilgrims thought of the trip and their compliments not only to Poland, the Catholicity of the country, our services and suppliers but just a general overall awe and appreciation of the pilgrimage.



In February 2020 we have 15 seats left open to “Holy Land Part II with Jordan.”

All NEW SITES for those who have Holy Land. Exciting places few people ever see on trips to Israel.

Lots of Old Testament locations and the New Testament as well. Drink water from Jacob’s Well in Samaria, visit the Tombs of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in Hebron and call down fire from heaven on Mount Murhakah with Elijah the Prophet.

Explore the pre-1976  Jordanian military bunkers, learn to use a sling like David used to kill Goliath in the Elah Valley and much more!

We begin this trip with four days in Jordan–an amazing biblical country.

So many people have the city of Petra on their “Bucket List” which we will enjoy for a whole day!

For information visit my Holy Land II website or contact my associates at or call ?(866) 468-1420?.