Augustine’s Comment on Travel; Popes and Saints on Pilgrimages

by Steve Ray on October 12, 2019

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” –St. Augustine


Pope Paul VI referred to the Holy Land as the “5th Gospel” implying that a pilgrimage rounds out and compliments the Scripture for fuller understanding.

“A long procession of people…have gone in search of the ‘footprints’ of God in that land, rightly called ‘holy’, pursuing them as it were in the stones, the hills, the waters which provided the setting for the earthly life of the Son of God.”   John Paul II

“The practice of pilgrimage has a special place in the Holy Year, because it represents the journey each of us makes in this life. Life itself is a pilgrimage, and the human being is a visitor, a pilgrim travelling along the road, making his way to the desired destination.

Former Patriarch of Jerusalem Faoud Twal said, “Archbishop Twal encouraged pilgrimage to the Holy Land “Pilgrims should not be afraid to come. Despite the tense situation in this land, the pilgrim route is safe and they are respected and appreciated by all sectors in the Holy Land.”

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David Weymouth October 12, 2019 at 3:14 PM

My wife Debbie and I have been truly Blessed by our pilgrimage to the Holy Land with you and Janet. Our experience there is relived at every Mass!

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