Three Radio Shows Today – Two about Bethlehem

by Steve Ray on December 18, 2019

Busy day with Christmas topics on radio and webinar shows.

EL1pd2DX0AAhfar1)  It starts with my webinar with Teresa Tomeo at 11 AM Eastern. It is entitled “O Little Town of Bethlehem: A Spiritual and Biblical Journey to the Birthplace of Christ.” Since this webinar is now over, you can listen to the whole thing here or here with all the slide show presentation.

2)  My second show is with Al Kresta, we are pre-recording a show on St. Stephen which will be aired on his feast day on December 26 on Ave Maria Radio between 4:00-6:00 PM.

3)  Catholic Answers Live will be at 6:00 PM Eastern today (Wednesday) with a show entitled: “Characters of the Nativity.” I promised to post a link to my article about the manner in which Jesus was born entitled “Miraculous Birth?  You can read it here.  

We will hopefully get through this whole list of characters present at or near the time of the Nativity. The list is below. I will also post all the questions asked and a link to the podcast audio as soon as it’s available.

Mary, Joseph, Joseph’s son’s through a prior marriage (Protoevangelium of James), Midwife, Donkey, Rachel’s tomb, Cave and Manger, Barking Dog (from painting at Shepherd’s Field; see below :-)

Also Angels (announcing birth), Angels (warning Joseph), Sheep, Shepherds, Herod, The Innocents, Magi, Townspeople, God the Father and Holy Spirit, Star, and the Devil. 


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