Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 7.54.03 AMWe are going to the Passion Play in Oberammergau Germany in 2020. This play is only performed every ten years.

Visit our “Oberammergau Page” June trip or August trip. where you can see the full itinerary and register. s and soon be able to register. Contact us at or call 866-468-1420.

We have packed these trips with loads of goodies like meeting with the head of the Swiss Guard, a meeting with Gianna Molla (daughter of St. Gianna), a visit to Dachau and the magnificent Alto Pinakothek Museum in Munich (Rembrandt’s Life of Christ series).

semplicemente-una-granFussen and St. Gallen Germany with Mass at Wieskirche. Sightseeing and free time in Zurich Switzerland and a drive through the Alps to the beautiful Milan Italy.

In Milan, we have a day of touring, especially a visit to the stunning Duomo Cathedral, St. Ambrose Church for the bones of Doctor of the Church St. Ambrose who converted St. Augustine.

3048_636072778004683635In June, we take the hi-speed train to Rome for three glorious days in Rome, the Glory of Christendom! We will visit the major churches, see the Catacombs and Vatican Museum (with Sistine Chapel) and eat the best food in the world.

June 16-24: Oberammergau (Play 6/19
     June 24-27 Rome Extension
Aug 11-19: Oberammergau (Play 8/14)

Enjoy our interactive map at the links above. Few seats are left so contact us soon at or at 866-468-1420.

See our stops and itinerary on the interactive map below.