Friday, April 3, 2020

Grandbaby just born on kitchen floor!

by Steve Ray on April 3, 2020

IMG_20200403_085550Janet and I got a call at 7 AM. Our daughter Emily was having contractions and said, “Come on over and pick up little James (2 years old today!)” So we did.

We had a quick breakfast with James, he blew out his 2 candles and we left for home with James. Emily and Sean were packing to go to the hospital – BUT,

Twenty-five minutes later we arrived home and received this picture. Yes, that is her on the kitchen floor! She delivered before she could even get to the car! She and the baby are doing GREAT! Natalie Ann Regan is BORN!

Grandbaby No. 17! No. 18 is due in September.