Tuesday, April 7, 2020

As we begin Holy Week, Steve Ray discusses the Cross of Christ and the figures surrounding it.

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Questions Covered (clicking on a timestamp below takes you to their website where the time link actually works; otherwise you can listen to the whole show with the audio link below):

  • 19:48 – Why did God send his Son to die and then get mad and send an earthquake when He did die? 
  • 23:34 – Did the Jews kill Jesus and did the Romans bring them in?  
  • 34:25 – Is it true that the nails would have gone through Jesus’ hands? 
  • 37:44 – Was Barnabus an eyewitness of Christ on the Cross? 
  • 46:04 – What was Jesus scourged with? 
  • 50:00 – Was it the custom for family members to be able to stand at the foot of the Cross or was this a special circumstance that Mary and the others were there? 

Whole show here:


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Spirit Catholic Radio “The Passion” at 8:40 AM – 9:00 Eastern https://www.radio.net/s/kvss

Terry & Jesse Show “Stations of the Cross, Part II” at 2:15 – 3:00 Eastern https://virginmostpowerfulradio.org/our-shows/the-terry-and-jesse-show/


Relevant Radio, Drew Mariani Show Virtual Tour of the Passion: 5:00-6:00 PM Eastern www.RelevantRadio.com.

Amer and I on Teresa Tomeo show yesterday. It starts at 18:24 minutes into the show…


Relevant Radio – Morning Air show starts at 01:45 minutes into the podcast. Topic was the Stations of the Cross:



Amer Shehadeh (BesTour) and I (Steve Ray) discussed the current situation in Israel with the Wuhan coronavirus shutdown. Amer explains the situation of Christians under the current isolation mandate and the condition of the holy sites.

(Picture: In Tiberias with David our driver, me and Janet with Amer Shehadeh.)

We discussed the shutdown of the Holy Sepulchre (video here) for the first time since the 1300’s.

Steve updates the situation with pilgrimages and promoting the new pilgrimage in July-August to make an alternative to those pilgrims who’ve had pilgrimages shut down due to the closures.

You can listen to our show here https://www.footprintsofgodpilgrimages.com/pilgrimage/summer-holy-land-pilgrimage/

Our segment begins at 18:24 minutes. You can also click on the audio below.

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Was Jesus Clothed or Naked at the Crucifixion?

April 7, 2020

A few years ago I wrote an article entitled “Was Jesus Crucified Naked?” It generated a lot of comments, some very critical. A very kind person wrote to me today about that article saying they was uncomfortable with the idea that Mary was looking up at unclothed men on crosses. THEY WROTE: It was my […]

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