Monday, June 1, 2020

Watching the Rioting?

by Steve Ray on June 1, 2020

Watching the rioting and looting?

This is what happens when you take God out of society and the fathers out to families. Yes, there are some injustices in our country, but this mayhem is the result of a lack of God and strong fathers.


Who Says the Mass is a Sacrifice?

by Steve Ray on June 1, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 10.00.07 AMdownloadJimmy Swaggart says it is NOT a sacrifice.

He wrote: “The Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation is, without question, one of the most absurd doctrines ever imposed on a trusting public… Roman Catholic errors are inevitably human innovations that were inserted into the church during the early centuries.

This teaching on the Eucharist follows this pattern. “In the first century, as described in the New Testament, Holy Communion was a meal of fellowship eaten as a memorial to the death of Christ and a symbol of unity among Christians both with each other and with Christ. “In the second century it began to shift toward a ceremony, in which Christ was present in some undefined form.

This was not yet the eventual Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation which was a development of the Middle Ages but it was a beginning in this unfortunate direction. “By the third century the idea of sacrifice began to intrude, whereby Christ’s body and blood were mysteriously produced by an ordained priest for the gratification and benefit of both the living and the dead.

Oh, really?!?! Look what the first century Christians taught….         For the rest of my article, click HERE.


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