Thursday, August 6, 2020

Our Homeschooling Zoom Conference a month ago was a huge success. As a follow-up, today there is a whole afternoon and evening of live Zoom talks, resources and panel discussions.

I (Steve Ray) will join three other homeschooling dads for a live panel discussion today, August 6 at 6 PM Eastern time.

Even though we finished homeschooling quite a while ago since our youngest child is now 28 years old, we were pioneers in the movement and risked jail time to do what we knew was best. I will share a lot of ideas for fathers as I now watch my 18 grandkids being homeschooled.

Join us for free, but you can also purchase the Premium Pass to access ALL the talks, resources and materials from the whole conference and today’s sessions. Click the image below or HERE.

Jumpstart Your Schooling Event (2)