Friday, October 2, 2020

C7D0C99F-63B2-4F87-8482-F14EFC557E2FFreedom, liberty and constitutional government won a big victory today in Michigan, along with our 10 million citizens. Our Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has unilaterally imposed draconian and crippling emergency lockdowns on our state.

She ignored the legislature and acted without consulting or cooperating with them. They confronted her and she ran roughshod against them. She set herself up as a dictator.

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled unanimously that she is not a legislator but the executive. It declared all of her rulings since April “null and void“ and put the authority for making laws back where it belongs—with the legislature of our state.

I couldn’t be happier! Hopefully other states will follow.

Click here for a short and concise synopsis from the Mackinaw Center.


The chief justice of the Supreme Court of Michigan informed the governor that his ruling was applied retroactive to the month of April. Her draconian rulings are Nolan void and Congress is now in charge of the coronavirus response in Michigan. Governor Whitmer tried to resist him and he slapped her down in Facebook. His ruling stands immediately.


Pastor Jordan Orick is a marvelous young man and pastor of an Evangelical Protestant church. He is very open and honest. He asked if I could explain a few things for him and his people. Here is our frank and honest discussion on Baptism, Infant Baptism and being Born Again from a Catholic position. Hope you enjoy the discussion.

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