Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Isn’t it amazing how the media and the world forgets how violently the LEFT reacted when President Trump was elected four years ago. And we ignore the fact that they were all violent through the last year with Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

If you forgot what it was like four years ago, maybe remind yourself here


Trump Impeached Again! I’d Consider that an Honor!

by Steve Ray on January 13, 2021

Trump impeached again. If I were President Trump I would consider this to be the highest honor. That he has made such enemies of the communist socialist leftists that they impeach him again, this is a badge of honor—a true American! God bless President Trump!


As the world focuses on the deletion of Trump’s accounts from the most prominent social media sites, LifeSite presents these lists so that Trump’s pro-life, pro-family accomplishments are not forgotten.

Take a look at President Trump’s accomplishments and see why the Left hates him so much. Good article here.

LifeSite News also republished my article today entitled “Is “Nice” ever really the right word to describe Jesus?

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What if I need to go to confession and can’t because churches are closed?

January 13, 2021

I have been asked this question many times over the last few weeks. With churches closed and sacraments suspended, what can we do if we need to get to confession? Here is how I answered that question for a young man named Jose. ******************************************************* JOSE ASKS: What can I do if I’ve fallen into mortal sin and there […]

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