Wednesday, February 17, 2021



Questions Covered:

  • 13:54 – Was the historical Reformation a lost cause? 
  • 22:00 – If the physical body is a manifestation of your identity, how do intersex people or people with chromosome abnormalities identify? Are gender and sex synonymous in the Catholic faith? 
  • 29:42 – If Peter was married and the Eastern Catholics can marry, why do Roman priests have to be celibate? 
  • 35:15 – If the Marian doctrines are so necessary to Catholicism, why did none of the epistles cover them? 
  • 44:36 – How do you know if you’re in purgatory? And is purgatory the dark night of the soul? 
  • 49:03 – Why do Catholics think Protestants are wrong about the Eucharist when the early church seems to resemble Protestantism more?