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Hope springs eternal, particularly this Spring! As we continue our long Lent, we look forward to the celebration of the resurrection of our Savior. Our hope is in Him and Him alone! We will all have a new perspective of our Christian inheritance after a very difficult year. And yet, as the world looks to meaningful reopening, we see light in the tunnel and the hope and anticipation for a return to all things normal, especially with travel!

We understand that there are many questions and concerns — and still much uncertainty. Together we are navigating new and uncharted waters. We receive questions about what travel will look like and what, if anything, will change.  Our straight- forward and honest answer is that we simply don’t know. The reality is that travel, to any country, will be controlled by that country, and few have come up with any plans to date

Entry to Israel, for example, will be controlled by the Israeli government. The Israeli Tourist Board is very optimistic that the borders will soon be open to tourists and pilgrims.  Hotels have now re-opened, and they are beckoning us to return.”  However, the Israeli government has given no indication of what, if anything, will be required for entry.

We can report that Israel has gone to extraordinary lengths to vaccinate their whole population, and will have done so, by the end of March. So, it is possible that Israel will require a vaccination and/or some form of a negative test to enter, but we just don’t know, nor do our vendors and partners overseas. Other countries have given no indication of their intentions.  We also wait to see what the airlines might do.

One thing you can be certain of — vaccines will NOT be required by Footprints of God or Corporate Travel. That said, we will be required to comply with what the airlines, the US government or any foreign government will require.

The good news is that the number of infections, worldwide, is down dramatically since a peak in early January. Since the first of the year, according to the CDC, the infection rate has been reduced by 77%.

All of our Fall pilgrimages are ready to go, and we have every expectation that they will operate. We are waiting to see how it will all play out with the logistics. We will keep you updated, and you can watch Steve’s Footprints of God website for blogs.

Finally, we share with you a few articles for your review and consideration:

Dr. Martin Makary, a professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, suggested in The Wall Street Journal, that the most likely explanation for the decline is that the US could be close to reaching herd immunity:

Steve’s blog post about the decline of infections:

With respect to the morality of a vaccine, I can share with you the following, which are all sources I trust:

Melinda Ribnek on the website “Where Peter Is” and posted by Fr. Matthew Scheider:

Dr. Janet Smith:

Catholic Register:

Vatican News “Vatican CDF says use of Anti-Covid vaccines is “morally acceptable”

Archbishop Naumann and Bishop Rhoades:

Matt Fradd and Jimmy Akin: https://youtube/wmOVRwbKB1Q

Population Research Institute: Covid-19 Vaccines: Pro-Life or No?

Whether you would consider the vaccine, or not, there are very promising reports of their effectiveness:

We look forward to being back on the road with pilgrimages soon!


Steve & Janet Ray
Footprints of God

John Hale
Corporate Travel


Update on our pilgrimages and international travel

by Steve Ray on February 24, 2021

March group riding camels

An update on our International Pilgrimages, drastic covid declines, opening of countries, the question of vaccine issues, the positive news and remaining uncertainties.

We have trips ready and anxious to fly later this year: 3 to the Holy Land, one each to Ireland, Lourdes & Fatima, and our St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise.

We are watching, praying, reporting and planning full steam ahead!

Read the update and loads of info on vaccines and no vaccines HERE.

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