Letter to the National Education Association – A Protest by Union Members

by Steve Ray on March 24, 2021

Bravo to Kurt and other teachers to take this national stance of resistance to the corrupt and corrosive NEA. God bless their efforts. Please spread this around.


To Teacher Unions of the United States,

This letter is to inform you that you are on notice from concerned teachers across the United States to stop using member dues to finance political actions of any kind for either party, Republican or Democrat. This includes local and state teacher unions, as well as the National Education Association. Unless serious changes are made at every level, you will lose a significant part of your membership by August 2021.

We believe public teacher unions are not fostering a true diversity of teacher opinions, beliefs, and values. One result of this is that citizens in our community tend to look at all teachers as one ideological brand. This is not so, and part of the purpose of this letter is to make that clear to all citizens.

We also believe people should be informed and alarmed that the current trend in many school districts across the country, working in concert with our powerful teacher unions, is stifling dissenting voices. We see this in equity committees that are currently setting up policy structures in American public schools. The name “equity” has been carefully chosen to present an illusion of equality and fairness, but they are just the opposite.

Rather they promote social control and imposing a one-sided political ideology. This ideology is manipulating and bullying educators, and your children, to turn against traditional values like love of country and flag, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, law enforcement, and even the value of the traditional nuclear family. These are all under serious attack, and we can no longer, in good conscience, be part of this assault.

All citizens need to know that teacher in-service training for improving academics is rapidly being replaced by courses dealing with “group identities,” “diversity,” and “equity.” This is in large part due to the pressure our unions are putting on school districts across America. And we would add, this is the same pressure currently keeping students isolated at home instead of at school, regardless of spiking youth depression and suicide rates.

We encourage every American to go to nea.org or their state teacher union website and see how political our unions are. Just scroll down the menu and look at the headings. Then contact these unions and let them hear your voice.

As teachers, we embrace the idea of the uniqueness of every individual no matter what color, creed, or gender, and we reject the union notion of grouping people. This trend is exclusive rather than inclusive. Please help us push back on a madness that will ruin our schools and eventually our country. Whether a teacher or a citizen, please promote this letter and cause.

Sincerely, Concerned Public School Teachers of America

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Eileen Wikoff March 24, 2021 at 4:26 PM

I am now a retired teacher. I fought this battle in Illinois on a local level. I eventually had my dues donate it to the Red Cross as that was the only Mutual organization we could agree on. It was very frustrating. The problem is that so many schools have fair share in their contracts and is not possible to get around that. However, the year I was retiring a case went to the state supreme court of a social worker who worked for the state of Illinois and had the same issues with the Union. It eventually went to the US Supreme Court and he won. I have to say I have not followed up with how that would impact fair share contract language. God bless your attempts! Please keep the voices that are not heard these days and they open.

Marc Weisman March 25, 2021 at 2:34 AM

It’s about time Christians found their voice and their courage to combat the NEA’s quest to “transform”America into a so called progressive, leftist, anti-nuclear family, anti-traditional American values, anti- free speech, intolerant and G-dless shell of a nation. Thank you.

Fr William Bauer PhD March 25, 2021 at 12:19 PM

When I was a school board member, the district hired a teacher who was (from day #1) awful. We voted to fire him during his newbie temporary time. The union found that we had neglected to include a trial period in the contract … and the union loaded its ammo and kept firing. Finally he teacher was let go but I forever will remember the absolute tyranny exhibited by the union and the smirk on the teacher’s face.

Kurt Clemmens March 25, 2021 at 11:31 PM

How? If you are a union member, you have an easy legal pathway to leave your union due to a fairly recent Supreme Court decision. When you leave, your money stops flowing and funding all kinds of political activity you may not agree with as a Christian.
And yes! It is almost impossible to fire bad teachers thanks to unions. Now with all the emphasis on “equity” rather than quality, things will only get worse. Please send this letter to everyone you know and ask them to

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