Teachers Messing with the Minds of Kids

September 26, 2009

Learning to sing songs of praise to Obama. Hum?

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Top “Catholic” Catholic Colleges

September 22, 2009

Not all Catholic colleges are really “catholic” but there are some great ones. Here is the info.

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What Our Kids Should REALLY hear in School Today!

September 7, 2009

First, is a link to the proposed speech Obama will give to schools across America. If I had kids in school they would be home with Obaba flu today. And below is what every kid should hear in school today presented by comedian Red Skelton. I would also like to see the Lesson Plan […]

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I’d Keep My Kids Home on Tuesday

September 5, 2009

Obama is going to use his pulpit to preach to all the public school kids on Tuesday, Sept 8. From what I understand he will talk to them all through closed circuit television. What will he say to them? We home schooled our kids and our youngest is now in college, BUT, if I had […]

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Bishop D’Archy Confronts Notre Dame

August 26, 2009

Bishop D’Arcy renews challenge to Notre Dame For a summary of the article click here Bishop John D’Arcy of Fort Wayne/South Bend, Indiana, who rebuked the University of Notre Dame for inviting President Obama to accept an award at commencement, has renewed the argument with an article published in America magazine. For the whole article, […]

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Good News for Parents…

August 11, 2009

… the new ObamaScare plan will be sending government counselors to YOUR home to help you raise your kids!   Isn’t this good news?! The counselors will come to your home to train and observe you as you interact with your children. And what else will they do while they are there — see if you […]

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Fr. Fessio Fired from Ave Maria University

July 21, 2009

Ave Maria University fires prominent Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, SJ, the prominent Jesuit scholar who founded Ignatius Press, has been dismissed from his post as theology professor and chaplain at Ave Maria University. The firing apparently came in response to Father Fessio’s private expressions of concern about recent administrative decisions on the Florida campus. […]

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Helpful Catholic Educational Resource Center

July 2, 2009

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RCIA Materials and Blog

June 6, 2009

The Association for Catechumenal Ministry has just recently launched a blog for RCIA teachers at The blog is entitled, “The Blog That’s All About RCIA,” and is a free, practical tool for RCIA Leaders, Catechists, and Team Members. I have been involved with their mission and I highly recommend this organization and their material […]

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Tony Ryan on Obama and Notre Dame

March 24, 2009

I just received this from Tony Ryan, Marketing Director at Ignatius Press: Here are two excellent articles about the outrage at the University of Notre Dame for inviting Barack O’Bama to give their commencement address, and receive an honorary degree. One piece is by the great Ralph McInenry, who has taught at ND for over […]

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Homeschooling Dad’s Night Out

March 9, 2009

Dr. Mary Kay Clark and Gene McGuirk discuss with you the significance a dad can have in the success in everyone’s homeschool efforts. If you are a dad, they will provide you practical advice and encouragement on how to be the best homeschool dad you can be. If you are a mom, they will provide […]

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Janet & I Decided Health was a Priority

February 20, 2009

Once you get over 50 years old things begin to change. I still think I am 18 years old but my body tells me different. We decided to take care of the great gift God has given us — our bodies and our health. So . . . . . . Janet and I got […]

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Fewer Screwed up Kids

December 17, 2008

Children thrive in intact religious households, study finds Children born into religious families are far less likely than their peers to experience educational or behavioral problems, a new sociological study has found. The new study, sponsored by the Family Research council, shows that American children who live with their biological parents and attend religious […]

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For Homeschoolers Only!

October 6, 2008

We starting homeschooling our kids in the early 80’s when it was still illegal in Michigan. We moved to the country, bought an old farm house and laid low. We could have had our kids taken away but we fought the fight and they turned out all right! Now homeschooling is as popular as frappuccinos and double cheese pizzas. […]

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Faithful to Catholicism or Academic Freedom

August 22, 2008

Thanks to Philip Platz who wrote to me: I’m a pretty recent (within the last year) follower of your blog, but thought this may be of interest to you and your readers. In short, A University of San Diego decision rescinding a prestigious position to a Catholic feminist theologian has thrust it smack in the […]

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Black Sisters in Habit — Great Story!

April 30, 2008

Worth watching!

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